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a world of innovation in the design of steel


We want to be at the forefront of advanced technologies in stainless steel works. Stainless is our world and every day we seek innovative solutions to convert our Clients' ideas into competitive products. Beyond quality workmanship and excellent finishing, we develop and build products  made to win the global market challenge. We have built up cutting-edge knowhow in hydroforming: sheet metal and tube can now be formed with maximum efficiency, to shapes unknown to conventional technologies. This also holds true in sheet-metal elastoforming, that allows the designer to conceive new products and solutions for 360° better performance.
Furniture and Designer objects, automotive and motorcycle industry components (including Aluminium and Titanium), energy: these are just a few of the industrial sectors served by our value-added applications. Today Hydroforming and Elastoforming - along with technologies such as 3D-laser cutting and stainless steel robotised welding - are meeting continuously growing demand in an extensive array of industrial applications.
Our R&D support is there to support you in exploring a new world: sheet metal works beyond what you have known before!

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